Who's Behind Armadillo Dry

Armadillo Dry is owned and operated by first responders, for first responders. Scroll down to see why we do what we do.


Co-Founder of Armadillo Dry

Body Armor Ventilation


Co-Founder of Armadillo Dry


Team Motivator

Meet Reena and Johnny

The founders of Armadillo Dry

Reena is a former first-responder and is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist. Johnny is an active member of law enforcement.

We know what it’s like to be sweaty, itchy, and smelly under body armor for hours on end. It’s distracting, painful, and the last thing you need during a busy shift.

Back when we were looking for a body armor cooling vest, we realized that high-quality vests were expensive and the cheap vests were junk. We wondered why there wasn’t a company making quality cooling vests at a price that any first responder could afford.

So, we made our own.

After months of designing, prototyping, and testing, the Armadillo Dry Cooling Vest was born. Finally, first responders had an affordable way to stay cool and comfortable under body armor.

But, keeping people comfortable and focused on the job isn’t our only goal.

We are advocates for the mental health of first responders. Our mission is to support and offer resources to first responders who are experiencing compassion fatigue, trauma, and PTSD. The dream here at Armadillo Dry is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health, and equip first responders to be physically and mentally fit.

The Pillars of Armadillo Dry

Physical Wellness

When you’re comfortable on the job, you have the focus to perform at your best and stay safer. Armadillo Dry Cooling Vest helps your physical wellness by keeping sweat, chafing, and excess heat away.

Mental Wellness

First responders often think they have to “tough it out” when it comes to their mental health. Truth is, at some point every first responder could use a helping hand. Armadillo Dry is an advocate for better mental health support for first responders.


All first responders deserve to have access to high-quality gear, regardless of their financial situation. Armadillo Dry puts quality and affordability first. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can kit yourself out with durable, effective gear.


As a first responder, you don’t have time for gear that doesn’t work as hard as you do. That’s why we designed the Armadillo Dry Cooling Vest to be tough, hard-wearing, and easy to clean. Because you don’t take shortcuts in your job, and neither do we.

We are Located in CANADA

For those long Canadian winters eh! and those hot dry summers; the Armadillo Dry Cooling Vest can be worn year round.
It helps you stay cooler and dry in the hot months, and drier and warmer in the cold months.

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